Hot Snacks

Fried Calamary | Rp 70K

Served with french fries and tartar sauce

Fish and Chips | Rp 70K

Dory fish coated with a crispy batter

French Fries Cone | Rp 30K

Served with hot spicy sauce and tartar sauce

Deep Fried Pork Bites | Rp 80K

Deep fried pork bites with a side of mustard

Tortilla Chips w/ Salsa | Rp 30K

Corn tortilla chips with a side of salsa

Lemongrass ChickenWings | Rp 60K

Fried marinated chicken wings, served with homemade chilli sauce

Jerk Chicken Nachos | Rp 90K

Served with delicious jerk chicken, tons of cheese, pico, sour cream and guacamole

Chicken Quesadilla | Rp 90K

Traditional Mexican dish, cheesy flour tortilla stuffed with chicken, red , green peppers and onions

LEX Sausage | Rp 90K

Sausage served with french fries and sauce

Country Potatoes | Rp 30K

Fried potatoes with skin, served with tartar sauce and hot spicy sauce

Light Food

Grilled Chicken Breast ‘Fitness’ | Rp 100K

Served with seasoned salad with Italian dressing

Crispy Dory Fish | Rp 110K

Breaded with rice flakes, served with Caesar salad and tartar sauce

Wellness Chicken Salad | Rp 90K

Chicken tenderloin marinated with pesto and sprinkled to taste, with parmesan cheese.

Pan Fried Salmon | Rp 90K

Served with romaine and curly lettuce, topped with our house dressing

Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap | Rp 80K

With crispy breaded chicken fillets wrapped in a flour tortilla. Tossed with parmesan cheese


Club Sandwich | Rp 70K

Served with grilled chicken, fried egg, tomatoes cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise


Tom Yum Soup | Rp 70K

Simple and popular Thai spicy hot and sour soup, with seafood, mushroom, leeks and cilantro


Caesar Salad | Rp 60K

Romaine lettuce topped with crispy smoked beef, croutons, quail egg, parmesan cheese

BBQ Chicken Salad | Rp 80K

Lettuce , black beans, corn kernel, turnips, cilantro, basil, corn tortilla strips and cheddar cheese tossed in ranch dressing.

Greek Salad with PitaBread | Rp 100K

Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, paprika, onions, kalamata olive & feta cheese, with balsamic dressing


Grilled Chicken | Rp 30K

Additional (1 Breast)

Salmon Fillet | Rp 116K


Pork Bacon | Rp 35K



Ala Bolognaise | Rp 80K

Pasta served with tomato meat sauce

Ala Arabiatta | Rp 60K

Pasta served in tomato meat sauce with smoked beef, garlic and chili

Angel Hair Salmon Truffle | Rp 90K

Angel hair, truffle cream sauce, salmon, enoki mushroom, tobiko

Ala Carbonara | Rp 80K

Pasta served in a cream sauce with garlic, smoked beef and egg yolk

Pesto Style | Rp 70K

Pasta sautéed in a fresh basil and garlic paste

Aglio Olio E Pepperoncini | Rp 60K

Pasta sauteed in olive oil, with garlic and chili

Sauce Neapolitan | Rp 50K

Served with fresh tomato sauce

Asian Favorites

Oriental Fried Rice | Rp 70K

Side dish: green salad / potato salad

Pan Fried Dory Teriyaki | Rp 90K

Side dish : green salad / garlic rice

Beef Charhan | Rp 80K

Side dish: green salad / potato salad

Chicken Charhan | Rp 80K

Side dish: green salad / potato salad

Shrimp Charhan | Rp 80K

Side dish: green salad / potato salad

Indonesian Favorites

LEX Tahu Bakso | Rp 41K

Made from processed chicken and beef. Served with sambal

LEX Dimsum | Rp 33K

Made from processed chicken and selected ingredients. served with, sweet and sour sauce

LEX Somay | Rp 33K

Steamed fish dumplings made with selected ingredients. Served with peanut sauce

Kwetiau Kuah | Rp 60K

Flat rice noodle with beef or chicken or seafood, caisim, beansprout

Kwetiau Goreng | Rp 60K

Flat rice noodle with beef or chicken or seafood, caisim, beansprout

Bakmi Goreng Spesial | Rp 60K

Fried noodles with shrimp, chicken and sliced beef meat balls, served with fried egg

Nasi Goreng Kambing Aphrodite | Rp 150K

Fried rice served with marinated Australian lamb chop, pickles and crackers

Nasi Goreng Teri Medan | Rp 60K

Fried rice with chicken ,vegetables,sunny side up egg, served with crackers and pickles

Nasi Goreng Ayam Maraden | Rp 70K

Fried rice with chicken ,vegetables, and spicy paste, wrapped in egg omelette

Ikan Bakar Sambal Matah | Rp 70K

Grilled dory fish with spicy Balinese sauce served with rice and stir-fried long beans

South Indian Corner

Dry Lamb Masala | Rp 110K

Pasta sautéed in a fresh basil and garlic paste

Dry Chicken Masala | Rp 80K

Pasta sautéed in a fresh basil and garlic paste

Sambal Prawn | Rp 160K

Pasta sautéed in a fresh basil and garlic paste

Main Courses

Beef Stroganoff | Rp 100K

Slices of beef stew, paprika and mushroom. Served with steamed rice and zucchini

Chicken Fillets Balsamic | Rp 90K

Served with mushroom risotto and balsamic sauce

Salt & Pepper Chicken | Rp 90K

Sauteed chicken with garlic, onion, chili, paprika. Served with garlic rice


Milk Shake | Rp 40K

Flavors : vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, oreo, banana, caramel, mango, avocado, lychee